It's Time To Bust Through The Roof!

The Ving tool kit for homebuilders and remodelers is loaded with content you can use today. Promote your business, drive revenue growth, and increase profitability. Our team works with experts ranging from home construction to remodeling creating the simplest, least time consuming way for you to make a big difference in these target areas.


Create a personal experience between you the builder and all of your prospects for times when you can’t be in the same place at the same time.


Get them ready for every phase of the project and every meeting. It’s about timely decisions and keeping projects on track and finishing on time.


Improved quality assurance and productivity will keep your trades, suppliers, and employees in the know and motivated to continue to work with you.


Be proactive and simplify the delivery, tracking, and recording of your safety training while meeting the requirements of your insurance and OSHA.

"15 years of business experience and innovation have been the key to our success, we don’t just stop with innovative methods of procurement and building, we use tech tools that drive innovation and increase profits."

- George Davis, Owner of Pro-Built Homes

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Know when they... got it, watched it, completed it.

The Ving Tech Tool Kit Includes

Our training and compliance monitoring software called Ving and the Quick Start Kit which includes these ready to use templates...