About Ving

Our goal is to change the way people and organizations communicate, engage and share information. Through our communications engagement platform, Ving, business professionals and educators create, share, and track digital information packets with videos, documents, audio files, pictures, and surveys. Get Ving Today!

Learn more about our company and the leadership team below:

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Leadership Team

Tony DeAscentis – CEO, Gadget Geek, and Outdoorsman

Our company is founded on six fundamental thoughts. The first being evaluating opportunities. For me, having held leadership positions in both large corporations and smaller enterprises, there has always seemed to be the same challenges. We always were looking for better ways to solve our digital communications gaps. Our approach, here at Ving, has been one of selecting the right path and refining it as we go forward. The world is chaotic and fast paced. I am looking to lead the charge in addressing it in the business, education and health care arena with an engagement platform that drives data driven decisions with the use of tackable, digitable packets. It’s about improving your communications style and content and becoming more and more effective every day and moment.

Stephanie Hunter – COO, Maven of Mirth, and Budding Author

Our second key tenant is working well with others. This applies to both inside and outside our company. It is mission critical that our team is focused on solving business', educators and health care professional’s everyday challenges. Our work isn’t done until it’s done right. Our work engages the user community and their viewers. This goes from start to finish. We care that our team members are constantly learning and pushing themselves; moreover that they share what they’ve learned with each other. We pride ourselves in our positive attitude, upbeat environment and surrounding ourselves with talent. We have a big job to do, but we have fun in the process

Chris Battles – VP of Product Creation & Adoption, Aspiring Geek, and Amateur Brewmaster

I'm a die-hard problem solver and I love a good challenge. I am energized by leading the R&D team to achieve our long term product goals. We are re-imagining the digital communication engagement atmosphere while providing tremendous value with real-time analytics. We know real value comes from thinking long term and making sure that what we develop a tool that differentiates us and provides robust solutions to our users’ everyday problems in the most elegant and seamless fashion.

Karen Gerberry - Ving Success Manager, Creative Crafter and Ready for Any Challenge

Working directly with our user base, I embrace and celebrate our brand. To me, authenticity is more than just a word. Listening and responding to questions/comments from our user base in a sincere, direct and upfront fashion, keeps me and my team grounded. We love hearing how our technology inspires success and increases use through customer stories and outreach. We are continually following trends and developing best practices. Our job is never done, the bar keeps getting set higher and higher and our team is always up for the challenge.

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