In minutes you can post content into Google Classroom, email, or any school portal.


Create vibrant Vings, using tech skills you already have, that are sure to grab the attention of your students, parents, and faculty.


At a glance, you know who got it, read it, watched it, completed it. 100% automated.

Google Apps

You can easily select files from Google Drive and share to groups already created in your Google Contacts. Learn more here.

What people say about Ving:

Todd Smith

"Insights into who reads or views different parts of each Ving is invaluable, it helps teachers understand what types of communications work best for different types of projects, as well as helps them know if their instructions are being understood."



"This is wonderful data that is very valuable to me! I am honestly thrilled!"

- Liz

"Wow! This is great!"

- Stacy

"Wow! I am so excited! Looks great! LOVE the quiz at the end!"

- Marli