Post into any field service/work order, email system or access through employee portal.


Takes 5 minutes or less per lesson. Vibrant videos, audio, images, and easy to respond to assessments.


At a glance, you'll know who got it, read it, watched it, completed it. 100% automated.


One thousand courses to choose from or you can create custom company Vings for your library.

Learn how to get started with Ving.

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Tell us your safety concerns and get your customized training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my content or other people's content in Ving?

Absolutely! We have pre-made content that you can use today or you can create a Ving using your custom content. 

How easy is it to post a Ving into my field service management or work order system?

It is super easy! All you have to do is copy and paste.  

How do I know that you have the safety courses my company needs?

Rather than you spending hours doing research all you have to do is tell us your top safety concerns and we do the research for you. No account needed to get started.