Do You Struggle with Parent Communication?

parent communicationFrom information about academic performance to volunteer opportunities, technology is the way to end the tug-of-war struggle with parent communication.

In the classic team game Tug of War, one group of people pulls against another group of people to achieve victory, which usually results in one team getting pulled into a moat of water or sloppy pit of mud.

At one time both a Royal and an Olympic sport, Tug of War is a game of strength, endurance and teamwork that almost everyone has played at some point in their lives.

Warring teachers and parents

Unfortunately, some people are still playing their own unnecessary version of Tug of War. For example, I think it’s safe to say that teachers and parents often feel that they are on opposing teams struggling to pull each other over to their side.

Teachers and parents really are on the same side, though. According to a recent survey of more than 1,000 parents and educators by VolunteerSpot and WeAreTeachers, the majority of teachers and parents overwhelmingly support parent involvement, especially in the classroom.

One of the survey’s most interesting facts focuses on parent communication. Survey results state that 64% percent of educators ask parents to volunteer through notes sent home, but parents say they prefer to be communicated with online.

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Preferring technology as the main channel for communication

Parents’ preference for technology as the primary method of communication is supported by the article What Parents Want in School Communication from

The article cites information from a survey by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA). When parents were asked about their preferred delivery method for school news, the internet clearly won. The top five answers included the following:

  • E-mail from the district/school
  • Online parent portal
  • District/school e-newsletters
  • District/school website
  • Telephone/voice messaging system

Edutopia’s article quotes NSPRA President Ron Koehler, who stated the following:

Consumer needs are changing. The backpack folder is no longer the primary source of information for parents. They want and prefer instant electronic information. … [T]he data demonstrates parents and non-parents alike turn to the web when they need information, and they want it now.

Improving teacher-parent communication with technology

From information about academic performance to volunteer opportunities, technology is the way to end the tug-of-war struggle with parent communication.

Check out this infographic that visually illustrates the survey results by WeAreTeachers and VolunteerSpot. According to, “this survey opens a window into how parents and teachers can better work together and use technology to boost participation, involve more working parents, and increase parent engagement in support of student success.”

VolunteerSpot: Parent Volunteering Infographic


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