How can VING benefit Education?

Meet Staff Anytime.
Avoid Scheduling Nightmares

With Ving you can send an audio, video and/or document — to one person or the entire faculty — whenever you need to. Vings are available on demand when your staff is ready to receive them.

Create a Stronger Connection.
Engage Parents

Don’t wait for PTO meetings or parent teacher conferences to communicate with your students’ families. Send progress reports, interims, permission slips, and other information home whenever needed.

Energize and Motivate Students.
Save an at Risk Student

Help your at risk students stay on track. Send homework and assignments instantly in a “digital backpack.” Students will be excited to see a Ving in their inbox!

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Dr. Adam Earnhardt - Professor of Communication

"Recipients want this rich message, and if we can’t be face to face, then this is the richest form of communication that we have."

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