Ving Success Stories

"When you have a topic that is multi-faceted and has all different components from a variety of resources that need to be put into one lesson — Ving is the tool for that."
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"I have not given any U’s (unsatisfactory) this year. That is a first that I have had no students failing. I really have to believe that it is because more students and parents are involved in their education."
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"With Ving, it's much easier to make informed decisions and see improvements rather than just hope for the best."
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"With Ving, I don't have to spend countless hours with emails, paper mailings and phone calls, as I can easily see in the dashboard who has interacted with the content – whether it’s a document, video or other multimedia – and I can also provide an easy way for two-way communication so I know when parents have questions or need a more clear explanation."
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"Some students need more coaching and encouraging than others – and I had no real way of tracking who those students were and whether my communication efforts were working or not. Thankfully I found Ving, which alleviated many of the issues we’d been having.”
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