This is a Ving.

A Ving is an engaging, trackable packet designed for your entire school system. Fill your Ving with files, videos, audios, images, surveys and more. As your students, parents, and staff interact with any part of the Ving you get real time notifications and a dashboard to uncover your best practices. You can email it, text it, or post it anywhere!

Ving Dashboard

This is your dashboard.

It is time to stop guessing and start knowing your at risk students. Quickly identify who is least engaged with the material and step in with proactive action. Over time you will learn the best possible combination of information, driving maximum student engagement with the course materials.

Ving dashboard

It only takes minutes to get started.

In minutes you can place any combination of videos, audios, documents, images, surveys and more in a Ving. Mimicking the simple upload process you're already used to ensuring quick and efficient creation. Your classroom content quickly shared in an engaging, informing, digital assignment.

Effortless Creation

Uncover your best practices and share what works.

Ving with top levels of student engagement can be saved, reused, and shared with other teachers. Create Ving templates for any subject or school event, field trip and more. Then share them to be personalized class by class or even teacher by teacher.


Keep your confidential information safe, lock it.

Stay in control of the student information you share. Lock it and the only people that have access to the Ving are the people you share it with. Remove a Ving permanently or temporarily from the web with one click. You can analyze your Ving data and plan your next Ving. You're stay in control.


Google Classroom and Google Apps Integration.

Simple, seamless and time saving. Ving is integrated with Google Apps.
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Google Integration

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What people say about Ving:

Todd Smith

"Insights into who reads or views different parts of each Ving is invaluable, it helps teachers understand what types of communications work best for different types of projects, as well as helps them know if their instructions are being understood."



"This is wonderful data that is very valuable to me! I am honestly thrilled!"

- Liz

"Wow! This is great!"

- Stacy

"Wow! I am so excited! Looks great! LOVE the quiz at the end!"

- Marli