Top 4 Resources for Teaching Your Kids to Code

teaching coding, computer scienceIf your household is anything like mine, there is a lot of computer, tablet and iPod use going on after school and on weekends.  Yes, we do sports and yes we do musical instruments, but the majority of time left over after that is time spent on electronic devices.  While I often have concerns about how much time they spend on electronics and it is definitely something I constantly and continually have to monitor, I do see the value these devices play in our life.

With summer coming up in a few weeks, I have been trying to think of projects to occupy the long summer days and thought an intro of computer coding may be a great project for them to engage in.  I’m hoping that their enthusiasm for all things electronic will translate into a keen interest in coding or at least into learning the basics. Teaching your kids to code is a great way to spend some of the summer! Continue reading

5 Principles of Effective Professional Development

professional developmentTime, support, and approach make all the difference in effective professional development for your most valuable resource in education — your teachers.

We are well into the month of May and Memorial Day is just around the corner. This time of year takes on a completely different meaning when considering a student or teacher’s perspective. Continue reading

4 Reasons You Should Leap Into Community College

community college may be the answerDid you know that you have other higher education options? A community college may be the answer.

The transition between high school and college can seem like a giant leap. In 2013 alone, nearly 2 million high schoolers will make this huge transition (NCES). Did you know that there are some other options besides a 4-year-college?

Now-a-days many college kids are working full time jobs, 71% to be more precise (U.S. Census). Of that 71%, one in every five undergraduates is working, at least 35-hours. Working 35 hours a week doesn’t leave much time for a full time school schedule. The life of the average student has clearly changed from even 20 years-ago. Continue reading

Top Four Reasons Teachers on Pinterest Rocks

Teachers on PinterestBy now we’ve all heard the buzz going on around Pinterest.  Whether it’s from a super crafty friend or a co-worker who finds great party ideas on the site, it seems like a lot of creative ideas find their genesis on Pinterest.  People are using the site in their free time and personal life quite frequently, and now we are seeing Pinterest grow into having a real presence in the work realm.

Teachers on Pinterest Stats

According to an annual survey by Edutopia, Pinterest is in the top five of professional development websites for teachers.  500,000 education related ideas are pinned to the site each day!  It has become so popular with teachers, that in August 2013 Pinterest started a page called “Teachers on Pinterest” (

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Top 5 Reasons Your Students Want a Flipped Classroom

students engaging in flipped classroomFirst off, just to make sure we are all on the same page, let’s define a flipped classroom as there are a lot of different methods of delivering classroom instruction out there. So, flipped classrooms for simplicity sake, is when instruction on a topic happens outside the classroom, most often in the form of a pre-recorded lecture followed by homework which happens IN the classroom. It is the opposite of how most classrooms operate, where the lecture is in class and the student then completes their homework at home.

For more information on what exactly a flipped classroom is, check out this cool infographic here.

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