Why Teaching Active Listening is One of Your Best Student Engagement Strategies

Student Engagement Strategies in the classroomTeachers are always looking for the best student engagement strategies in their classroom, right?

More highly engaged students mean a more efficient classroom with more effective learning.  But, there can be a lot of distractions for students in the learning environment both internally and externally.  Any tools or techniques we can provide our students to increase their engagement and learning is always welcome.

Here is where we can introduce a small technique to help with your student engagement…it’s called active listening.  From the moment you are born you are expected to be able to hear and listen to voices. When you enter your school years you are expected to be able to listen for longer periods of time. Listening is a skill we all have and most of us are still working on mastering it.

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American Education Week Spotlight 3: Education Support Professionals Day

happy employee and education support professionals dayHere are six appreciation ideas to celebrate Education Support Professionals Day and thank the people who work behind the scenes.

When you think about school, who comes to mind? Teachers, students, the principal, coaches? Those are all great choices, but to keep a school running it takes many more hands than that.

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American Education Week Spotlight 2: Parent Engagement

parents visiting school library, parent engagement Day two of American Education Week has begun, and it is time to invite your parents to school.

You always hear about bringing your daughter or son to work, but what about bringing your parent to school? Today parents across the country will be joining their children for a jam-packed day of learning and fun.

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American Education Week Spotlight 1: Classroom Tech

start button to kickoff spotlight on classroom techIn honor of the kickoff of American Education Week, check out our new infographic that visualizes the evolution of classroom tech.

Today is National Kickoff day for American Education Week! The goal of American Education Week is to bring education, its teachers, and its administrators into the spotlight. It’s basically a celebration, according to the NEA’s website:

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3 Ways to Use Videos as Student Engagement Strategies

teacher shouting at student and student engagement strategies Student engagement strategies can be both fun and productive at the same time. If you’re struggling to keep your students’ attention, here are three ways video can help.

Did you know that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text? Social media posts with a video element grab the attention of three times more people.

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