4 Reasons You Should Leap Into Community College

community college may be the answerDid you know that you have other higher education options? A community college may be the answer.

The transition between high school and college can seem like a giant leap. In 2013 alone, nearly 2 million high schoolers will make this huge transition (NCES). Did you know that there are some other options besides a 4-year-college?

Now-a-days many college kids are working full time jobs, 71% to be more precise (U.S. Census). Of that 71%, one in every five undergraduates is working, at least 35-hours. Working 35 hours a week doesn’t leave much time for a full time school schedule. The life of the average student has clearly changed from even 20 years-ago. Continue reading

Top Four Reasons Teachers on Pinterest Rocks

Teachers on PinterestBy now we’ve all heard the buzz going on around Pinterest.  Whether it’s from a super crafty friend or a co-worker who finds great party ideas on the site, it seems like a lot of creative ideas find their genesis on Pinterest.  People are using the site in their free time and personal life quite frequently, and now we are seeing Pinterest grow into having a real presence in the work realm.

Teachers on Pinterest Stats

According to an annual survey by Edutopia, Pinterest is in the top five of professional development websites for teachers.  500,000 education related ideas are pinned to the site each day!  It has become so popular with teachers, that in August 2013 Pinterest started a page called “Teachers on Pinterest” (https://www.pinterest.com/teachers/).

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Top 5 Reasons Your Students Want a Flipped Classroom

students engaging in flipped classroomFirst off, just to make sure we are all on the same page, let’s define a flipped classroom as there are a lot of different methods of delivering classroom instruction out there. So, flipped classrooms for simplicity sake, is when instruction on a topic happens outside the classroom, most often in the form of a pre-recorded lecture followed by homework which happens IN the classroom. It is the opposite of how most classrooms operate, where the lecture is in class and the student then completes their homework at home.

For more information on what exactly a flipped classroom is, check out this cool infographic here.

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6 Apps for Every Subject at School!

Apps can help your teaching plansTake your lesson plans from your classroom to your students’ smartphones. Apps can assist you in teaching!

Tired of having to ask students to put their phones away in class? Well, stop asking. If they want to be on their phones so much, then why not incorporate smartphone use in your lesson plans? Jeff Dunn, blogger for Edudemic, provides  The 70 Best Apps For Teachers And Students that you can start using within any classroom setting. By including these apps in your itinerary, you can take advantage of the abundance of technology that may already be available to you. Continue reading

Benefits of Google Apps from the Classroom to Home

google apps in schoolAre you using Google Apps in your classroom setting? Start your classroom with the organized and technology friendly features that Google Apps has to offer.

Google Apps has become such a huge asset within today’s technology, but many people are still not taking advantage of the endless benefits of all the programs have to offer. The classroom is an ideal environment that benefit teachers, students, administrators, and parents alike.

April Smith’s 5 Ways To Engage Parents Using Google Drive, highlighted the key uses of Google Drive inside the classroom. The constant challenge of keeping parents, students, and teachers on the same page may feel never-ending, but with Google Apps in the mix , everyone can be a winner! Continue reading