5 Easy Ways to Use Blended Learning in Your Classroom

teacher and students and blended learning

Blended learning techniques are easier than ever with today’s tech tools. 

You might be an educator if you’re familiar with these terms: “edtech,” “flipped classrooms,” “formative assessments,” “blended learning” – the education world is full of technology-related jargon these days.

With new technology innovations bursting on the scene regularly, it can be hard to keep up and figure out how to personally harness some of these new ideas. Today, let’s take a closer look at just one of those terms: blended learning.

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5 Ways to Prevent Bullying with Mobile Technology

student and parent using mobile technology Harness mobile technology to help prevent bullying in your classroom and raise awareness of the issue. 

Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month? If you’re a teacher or educator, you’ve probably heard about Pacer, a help and information center created by parents to support the prevention of bullying.

Now a nationally recognized movement, bullying prevention is supported by big organizations such as Facebook, Green Giant, and Disney.

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3 Games that Shake Up and Improve Student Engagement

happy employee with teddy bear and games that improve student engagement Shake up your classroom with these fun games to boost student engagement and build stronger relationships between you and your students. 

With Labor Day right around the corner, everyone is talking about going to the local county fair. Here in Mahoning County we take fair season very seriously. The Canfield Fair is the largest county fair in the State of Ohio, and it fights to be one of the largest fairs in the nation, bringing in more than 350,000 people every day.

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Press Release: Ving Boosts School-Home Connections

educational technology ving boosts school-home connectionsWhy do we go to educational events to share the news about Ving? Because educators can’t afford not to invest in student engagement, and building better school-home connections are vital for student success.

This summer has been a busy one. We’ve been going here and there showing educators all the tremendous benefits of Ving and how they can use it to improve connections between home and the classroom.

Check out our latest press release to see what we’ve been up to lately.

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4 Tips on Using Twitter for Student Engagement

teacher and students in class and student engagement Boost student engagement and make your class time more productive with social media sites that double as educational technology (if you have the right plan).

Today I stumbled upon a blog by Samantha Miller that gives teachers fifty ways to use Twitter in the classroom. While reading Miller’s article, I saw some great uses for this popular tool. Assignment updates, writing poems, tracking issues – the list goes on and on.

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4 Easy Parent and Student Engagement Activities

mom and daughter doing homework with student engagement activities Connecting the dots between home and school doesn’t have to be hard. Today’s post features four parent and student engagement activities all educators can try.

Keeping focused can be a real struggle. I am very productive in the morning, but after lunch I am on the struggle bus. I know I am not alone. Many of your students are probably the same way, and many may be the complete opposite.

Keeping the attention of twenty to thirty kids with all different learning types can be a struggle for many teachers (and probably is).

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Making Student Engagement Blossom in “Death Valley”


teacher and student and the challenge of student engagement The challenge of student engagement often feels like a dry wasteland. But every child can succeed with the right learning conditions. Today’s post reveals five mobile educational technology apps that will help both parents and educators improve student engagement.

Recently, I watched a TED episode by Ken Robinson about how to escape the “death valley” of education.

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Education Technology Focus: 3 Key Relationships for Success

teacher and students with education technology focus Relationships are the foundation to success in education. Although technology itself doesn’t have all the answers, a balanced education technology focus can definitely be used to improve and strengthen three key relationships.  

Many educators may agree that because of the big education technology revolution, which encourages the flipping of classrooms and learning with digital devices, it’s hard to argue that today’s education focus isn’t all about technology.

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3 Teachers Making a Difference with Education Technology

parents and teachers and education technology Instead of focusing only on education technology tools and topics today, let’s celebrate some of the specific teachers who make great learning happen with that technology. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, after all. And no amount of technology in the world can replace the people who make it work.

Here are 3 examples of teachers we appreciate who are making a difference with technology.

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