From Dorm Life to Work Life:  Five Tips to Survive in the Digital Word With Engaging Resumes

engaging resumesIt’s that time of year for college seniors — the rite of passage.  It’s time to transition from the dorm life to real life- — five tips on finding gainful employment with engaging resumes.

The fall marks the beginning of many things: daylight savings cooler temperatures, wearing socks and the infamous football frenzy.  For the newly initiated college seniors life after studies is now in full swing.  You are in your second to last semester, it’s been an amazing journey, punctuated by all types of life changes:  for many living away from home for the first time, having to share a room, selecting a peer/friend group, and navigating “what do I want to be when I grow up”. Continue reading

Taking the Leap:  The Elementary to Middle School Transition

the elementary to middle school transitionThe elementary to middle school transition can be difficult but with these tips you’re sure to succeed.

What an exciting (and scary) time when your child is about to embark on their first year of middle school. I often think to myself, “How did we get here so fast”?   I distinctly remember this little person being in preschool just a blink of an eye ago. And here we are… heading off to the next step in the growing up ladder, middle school! Continue reading

Top 10 Activities to Prevent “Summer Slide”

a duck with summer learning activitiesAhhhh Summer!  The smell of fresh cut grass, warm days, swimming in the sun and kids home from school… The dog days of summer are a time of rejuvenation and fun for all.  Even though summer is a time of much enjoyment for our kiddos, we don’t want to lose all of the academic progress we have worked so hard for all year.  So in order to avoid the “summer slide” we’ve come up with a fun list of activities that you can do with your kids to keep their learning going all year long.

Ten Best Summer Learning Activities

  1. Library Summer Reading Programs- Most local libraries have summer reading programs that offer prizes and incentives to keep your kids reading all summer long. It provides great motivation to keep the reading going while school is out!

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New Tech in Valley Schools

new tech is everywhereThe first-floor space is becoming a hot commodity in Youngstown Ohio. The new tech that is being built on the 4th floor of the Youngstown Business Incubator has made its way into several Mahoning Valley Schools.

Youngstown Ohio has been the spotlight in national news publishings in the last month or so. First Youngstown was rated one of the worst cities for small business employees by Forbes. A few weeks following The New York Times reported a complete 180 change from that view. Just a few days later local news, WKBN, reported that the first-floor space is actually running out in Youngstown.

The city is growing in all of the best ways. Continue reading

3 Tools to Ensure Effective Parent Communication with Teachers

effective parent communication With another school year over, do you find yourself asking how you can be more hands on?  If so, here are some apps that can help with effective parent communication.

School is out and summer break is here!  Time to plan your summer vacations and enjoy the outdoors with the kids.  You aren’t even thinking about three months from now when your children will be headed  back to school.  During the school academic school year, do you find it a struggle to stay in contact with your child’s teacher? With today’s technology, it’s definitely possible!

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