Attention grabbing messages now!

Use Ving templates to create attention-grabbing video and/or audio emails combined with any number of documents, surveys and images. Use the Ving dashboard to review survey results and measure message effectiveness.

How does it work?
Creating a Ving
Receiving a Ving
Tracking a Ving
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Creating a Ving
Receiving a Ving
Tracking a Ving
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Ving Pro Pricing

$5 /mo
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An All-In-One tool to:

  • Send video and audio messages to any email inbox
  • Post your video and audio messages to the web
  • Create great looking messages with templates and add content of any type: video, audio, images, web links, documents and interactive surveys
  • Send large files to anyone with ease, no recipient account needed
  • Track your message and interaction with its components in your real-time dashboard
  • Export message-tracking results
  • Receive message and survey interaction notifications

Also included with your subscription:

Free support by: Phone | Email | Chat

Access to our huge online knowledge base

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  • To create Vings: Users need a desktop or laptop computer with internet access
  • To receive Vings: Users need any web-enabled mobile device or computer
  • Supported internet browsers:
    • Google Chrome* | Current Version or (Current Version -1)
    • Firefox* | Current Version or (Current Version -1)
    • Internet Explorer** | 9+
    • Safari | 5.1+
    • *For the best experience possible, we highly recommend using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.
      **Due to known security flaws in Internet Explorer and a potentially inconsistent user experience across versions, we recommend selecting a different browser.


"With conventional email I wasn’t sure my team was getting my message, Ving is a wonderful tool that allowed me to get feedback and focus my effort where it was needed."
Kathy Cottrill
Kathy Cottrill
Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics
"One person’s scheduling conflict, or a few mislaid emails, can really throw the entire process off and impact that day’s results. With Ving, I can deliver their training and coaching on demand, for when they have time."
Rich Obertots
Rich Obertots
CEO, ThinkThroughTools