Ving is an engaging, trackable, digital packet full of your information with real time notifications and a dashboard to uncover your best practices.

Stay in the know on how connected you are with the people you share information with. Keep on schedule towards reaching your professional goals.

Ving Dashboard

It only takes minutes to get started.

In minutes you can place any combination of videos, audios, documents, images, surveys and more in a Ving. Mimicking the simple upload process you're already used to ensuring quick and efficient creation. Your information quickly shared in an engaging and informing way.

Effortless Creation

Stop guessing and start knowing what works.

It takes seconds to gain valuable insights on who is most and least engaged with the information you've shared. Quickly identify where to step in and take proactive action. Over time you will learn the best combination to drive maximum engagement.

Ving dashboard

Uncover your best practices and share what works.

Vings with top levels of engagement become your best practices and can be saved, shared, and reused by your teammates driving overall organization performance. Create Ving templates for product demonstrations, company policies, training and more.


Keep your confidential information safe, lock it.

Stay in control of the information you share. Lock your Ving and the only people that have access are the people you share it with. Remove your Ving permanently or temporarily from the web with one click. You can analyze your Ving data and plan your next Ving.


Google Integration

Simple, seamless and time saving. Ving is integrated with Google Apps.
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Google Integration

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What people say about Ving:

Todd Smith

"Once we discovered Ving, we gained a whole new level of understanding when it comes to effective communication and member engagement."